4X Space Time

CWDI GAMES will release a space simulation on STEAM in this same game universe before 4X Space Time is released on STEAM.

Prologue: We’re part of the First Generation, the first group of races, to travel the stars in our young galaxy. Over millennia we progressed, always looking skyward dreaming of what awaited us when we reached the stars. Upon exploring the vastness of space we found it almost empty of other races. True, life was flourishing on many worlds but the vast majority of other species had not progressed to our level of technology. We encountered a few races who rivaled our own. The K’Linq and the Trancahta were the first. The K’Linq, a feline race, are very fast and maneuverable. Their ships match their agility and are armed with pulse weapons but have limited defenses. The Trancahta, sentient tortoises, are heavily armed and armored. Both civilized and reasonable but not interested in more than occasional trade and sharing of information. The Trancahta did warn us about the “Shadow”. Another species no one has ever seen because their ships employ cloaking technology and rarely leave survivors. The Shadow hunt in packs of smaller ships and demolish their targets at close range after uncloaking.

For years our young galaxy was at relative peace as the First Generation began exploring. A discovery was made that turned everything we thought we knew into chaos…

The images below show the game in a pre-alpha state. The finished product will be different.