A Unity Asset To Move Forward In New Direction

Monday, January 25, 2021, I created this new asset. It creates a dynamic UI for setting the forward facing direction of any game object, character, vehicle, ship. The UI is created based on two variables you set in the unity inspector for the asset. Watch the video below to learn more.

Edit: march 9, 2021

I didn’t use this video when I submitted this asset to the Unity Asset Store. The video I used showing this asset included a boat model navigating around rocks.

Unity sent me an email declining this asset as it’s very simple. Well that was the point. This asset was for beginners of Unity who aren’t familiar with programming. I’ve seen several forum posts on the Unity forums asking how to change the forward facing direction of a character and have it move in the new forward facing direction. When Unity declines an asset it’s nothing personal and you can always make changes and resubmit. Perhaps I’ll make this into a tutorial video later.