AAA Game Companies No Longer Make Games

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From CYBERPUNK 2077 back to Anthem and all the failures in between AAA game companies have showed us they are no longer interested in making games. It’s now just a business, a way to make money and nothing else. You pay $50+ for the game, just kidding! You now have to pay more money to win. You also have to pay more money to wear that coat the main character wore in the game trailer… and for that gun that does a decent amount of damage to enemies. Even Civilization has gone to crap. The last decent civ game they released was Civ4. Now to get the same content of Civ4 in Civ6 you have to spend over $100! If you want all the content Civ 6 has to offer it costs over $200, when not on sale. Don’t get me started on EA’s FIFA. Horror stories about people being addicted to what players are calling gambling. Each year they come out with a new FIFA title but to build up the perfect team you have to play the game longer than a year IF you don’t spend any money on microtransactions.

Then there’s the AAA game studios, like Naughty Dog and EA, who decided it would be a great idea to put identity politics in their games. Anyone still playing Last of US 2? (crickets chirping) That’s what I thought.

The Battlefield 5 release made many people on YouTube a lot of money.

Is that all the problems? Nope!

The AAA game companies used to know how to make games because of the programmers/developers in their employ. Blizzard is just trash now like Bioware. The programmers that have been with those companies for years went elsewhere when Blizzard and Bioware went woke. Blizzard and Bioware have no shortage of coders just a shortage of coders who know how to code; how to really create software.

In my last American History class we went over the history of America but the teacher put down the founding fathers and said they setup a democratic country for money, to make themselves rich, not for the good of humanity. It got worse from there. Programming classes in college are all about how we need to not offend our users. So much for writing software to accomplish a task and make things more efficient. Now if we’re “ethical” programmers we will worry about how a end user will feel when they use the software. That’s so lame. As a programmer it’s my job to create software that performs the task with zero bugs or as little bugs as possible if on a contract deadline. Colleges now teach programming starting out with JavaScript instead of C++. JavaScript has nothing to do with Java. Anyone can program in JavaScript, even people who already graduated from college twenty years ago and not in a tech field. In my astronomy class the teacher got in trouble because one lady thought it was disrespectful to talk about the moon as she worshiped it. And for a bunch of stupid unreasonable reasons math and science are now racist so we can’t teach those subjects anymore. Math and science are necessary if you’re going to use computer code to make games.

It should therefore come as no surprise garbage is the only output for the game companies who hire woke coders.

Thank heaven for the indie devs. Those poor souls who make games because they have a passion for their idea and put all their energy and creativity into their titles. They don’t make their games based on politics. They don’t care if the UI makes people cry because it doesn’t match their political point of view. They simply make a game. The graphics are awful most of the time, compared to the eye candy of the AAA buggy dumpster fires. But the gameplay is there. Another example is Mount & Blade. It became popular not because of the graphics but because of the gameplay. Unlike AAA titles it actually worked as advertised. That’s how Bioware started out. That’s how Blizzard started out. With a few geeks who had passion and a desire to bring their creations to life.

Empyrion – Galactic Survival is another indie game. There is no SSL certificate on their website. There doesn’t need to be. That amazing game is sold on STEAM. The graphics are not the best but the gameplay and the care the devs put into their baby is awesome!

AAA game companies look at Empyrion, Mount & Blade, Stardock’s games, Space Empires IV & V, Battle Goat Studios Supreme Ruler series and simply don’t understand why people want to play those games.

It’s simple.

  1. No microtransactions.
  2. Games that work.
  3. The indie devs simply created a game they wanted to play and the rest of the gaming community loves games and wants to play them too.

Those indies and indie studios now have money. They don’t have money because of politics, microtransactions, or because of pay to win. They have money because they simply made a game they as gamers wanted to play. If you build it they will come. This link goes to a old movie. Back when movies needed acting instead of special effects because in the late 1980’s there were no special effects really. When Star Wars, created by the genius George Lucas, came out it had lasers in the movie because George Lucas and one of his friends went through the movie film and actually drew the lasers on the film using highlighters… in the 1970’s! Star Wars became a phenomenon because of the story and the acting, not because of the special effects/graphics.

Indie devs is where the games are at. They are like the old movies who don’t have the latest tech and the big budgets to go along with it but simply make a game. AAA games and modern Hollywood depend too much on explosions and politics to sell their garbage.

When will the AAA game industry learn gamers just want to have fun and play games.