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In 2016 the indie developer of CWDI GAMES, Devan Hawkins (that's me!), finished amariah. amariah is proprietary graphic design software, compiled in C++, which uses live symmetrical drawing and other functions to aid in graphic design.

A little peak at my desktop (Real Star Wars comes from George Lucas)

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amariah Design brand logo

In January 2019 I setup amariah Design, a new art & clothing brand. Most of the artwork I created using amariah. Before I created amariah I used Adobe software. I no longer use any of Adobe's software because I created my own graphic design software which suits my needs.


image of heart flower mug from amariah Deign
My mom's present for Mother's Day 2022. It's available for purhcase here:

All product images on this page showing artwork from the amariah Desing brand/store are the property of amariah Design and amariah Design reserves all rights. These images may not be used/hosted anywhere else, period.