BLM Terrorists Burn, Loot, and Murder = Good. Anyone Else Causes Trouble = Bad.

“Throughout the course of the Euros tournament, the vast majority of people have watched the matches responsibly and safely, and enjoyed the build up to last night’s final,” Laurence Taylor of London’s Metropolitan Police said, according to the British newspaper. ”However, the unacceptable scenes we saw yesterday were a small number of people intent on using the football as an excuse to behave appallingly towards other members of the public and officers.(SEE IT: Brutal brawls break out as dozens are arrested at Wembley Stadium amid Euro 2020 final (

The Kenosha neighborhood BLM terrorists burned to the ground was African American. Many homes were destroyed along with some businesses. The neighborhood in Minneapolis BLM terrorists burned to the ground was an African American neighborhood. BLM hates African Americans more than the Ku Klux Klan ever did.