Confirmed! The Reason Disney, Doctor Who, and Star Trek Suck In the 21st Century

We’ve all known woke garbage is tied to communism. Star Trek came out and officially announced we’re right. All the woke garbage put out from Hollyweed, and used to be profitable franchises (Dr Who, Star Wars, Terminator, Ghost Busters, Star Trek) is officially communist propaganda.

That’s why these once great franchises have lost major portions of their fan base and popularity with the masses. That’s why Hollyweed has been doing reboots and killing once great franchises instead of making new movies. Communists are bland. They think in a once size fits all mentality.

Turns out free thinking freedom loving people don’t want anything to do with the enslavement communism brings. Propaganda is not entertainment. The news media and Hollyweed directors are just that, weeds. When they come out with their non-sell-able trash, ‘Birds of Prey’ Is Sixth Woketard Franchise to Die at Box Office, they insult the fans. They call us racists, homophobic, and privileged white males who hate women. All because we don’t buy their communist propaganda garbage. When someone treats you like dirt, especially because you don’t do want they want, they are trying to manipulate you.

Star Trek Discovery sucks beyond reason.

The best thing about movies today is not the acting but the special effects. That’s not a compliment. In America now the actors are lame and what makes or break a movie is special effects. Watch an old American movie from about seventy years ago you’ll see the superb difference in acting. In the past years we’ve seen a plethora of tv shows, many about courts/lawyers, fail only to be replaced by more garbage where sex is the main attraction not the plot. If you need sex in your show to get views it’s because your show has no merit of its own.