Covid Vaccine Is Dangerous!

Everyone with the power of observation knows the Covid-19 virus is a fraud. The masks the CDC wants us to wear are flimsy and don’t stop germs from entering or leaving a person’s mouth/nose. If someone is sick with any virus standing 9 feet away when they sneeze won’t protect you; so the 6 foot “social distancing” rule is total nonsense. If we were dealing with a real pandemic many people would be dead or dying. The vaccine is straight up poison. Every other vaccine in history has a weakened version of the virus it’s meant to target so the human body can more easily develop antibodies to the virus the vaccine is intended for. Not the Covid-19 vaccine. It has no weakened virus in it. Just some fraudulent medical mumbo jumbo that messes with your DNA. There is no weakened version of the Covic-19 virus in the vaccine because there is no Covid-19 virus. That’s what this computer scientist believes. And now this from the United Kingdom…

I find it very interesting this vaccine causes miscarriages. The communists in America, the so called Democratic political party that keeps passing socialist/communist legislation, have said for the last several decades the earth’s population is too big and AOC encourages people to not have any children.

A lot of people in the USA who refuse to get this “vaccine” believe it will reduce their life span. How ironic it would be if in the future it’s found out the vaccine makes it impossible or difficult for women who took it to have children. Republicans are pushing back against this pandemic nonsense while the Democrat’s fanbase in America have taken the vaccine in droves. Would that mean the utter extinction of the so called Democratic political party if that horrible scenario plays out? Maybe that’s why the Democratic party wants to make millions of illegal immigrants US citizens over night. They’ve encouraged their fanbase to enter into non-binary relationships, which produce no offspring, and abort their children over the past decades to the point conservatives outnumber liberals in America. Why did Joe Biden win the 2020 election? He didn’t.