Disney/Marvel Censoring Eternals For Money

“According to Deadline, an edited version of Eternals will release in various middle eastern markets like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates.” Disney Removes Eternals Sex Scenes In International Markets (thedirect.com)

Well that didn’t age well…
Expectations subverted!

Yes folks that’s right! Disney/Marvel is censoring the most diverse, representative, and inclusive movie ever so it can be shown in the “ignorant” countries that banned it. This movie will be bending the knee and NOT saving lives after all. The LGBTQ+ kiss will be removed as will other scenes these “ignorant” countries find offensive. And from the looks of the box office drop off when this movie hasn’t even been out a week it’s not hard to see why Disney/Marvel would do such a thing. After all is said and done they’re in it for the money and they need all the money they can get with a flop like this.

Bottom line Disney/Marvel would rather get money from countries that do this…

…instead of stand by the LGBTQ+ community.

It doesn’t look like this movie is going to make that much money anyway so I’m confused as to why Disney/Marvel would abandon their principles just to make a few more bucks? Any reasonable person would think a company would be tempted to throw away their principles for big money not pennies from other countries who are ideologically opposed to what said company stands for. Gillette threw away several billions of dollars and stood by their decision after the back lash from their commercial…

But Disney/Marvel caved and bent the knee. They bent the knee a few days after their actors were determined to take a stand and voiced their convictions for the whole world to see. Maybe Disney/Marvel are standing by their real principles. Maybe Disney/Marvel never really cared about diversity, inclusion, and all that jazz. I can’t say I’m surprised. We are talking about Disney.

Disney didn’t put up signs/warnings or have much tighter security at their Florida resort where they knew Alligators were on their private property. It would have cost them more money to do so. A child died as a result. Alligator Drags 2-Year-Old Child Into Water Near Disney Resort (msn.com)

If Disney is so concerned about certain “ignorant” countries executing human beings for LGBTQ+ behavior then why won’t Disney/Marvel take a stand on this issue?