Google Search is Trash, Bing is Awesome

Like a lot of people I’ve been using Google search as it’s usually the default with browser installs. However, with every search ads are always on top and sometimes the results aren’t the best. I finally got fed up with Google search as Google, like Google owned YouTube, censors everything. Reviews, videos, search results, the list goes on of authentic content Google strikes from the internet for those who use their oppressive search engine. I switched to Bing. Bing is awesome! No ads on the top results only, get this, results! Bing’s accuracy is so much better and I can find what I want quickly instead of playing word games with Google search to find what I really want. Bing’s image and video search are a major step above Google’s lame excuse for a search engine. I highly recommend changing your search engine to something else besides Google. Unless you like communism.