It’s A Que World After All

Reports from South East Asia players state the game is unplayable due to high ping times from connecting to servers in Australia. Even if they could connect they wouldn’t be able to play.

One reviewer states the obvious:

“Hard capped servers at 2k players…total of 183 servers in the world. At the time of writing this there is 634,000 players on Steam.

Amazon would need 300+ Servers to support the current queued player base.

Over half the people who purchased this game, Amazon doesn’t even have the capacity to let into the game.

The biggest scam in video game history.“(

After you wait in the que for a few hours you can no longer request a refund on purchasing a game that is unplayable. At the moment it looks like the majority of people who purchased Amazon’s game can’t play it.

Amazon Servers Are The Best!
Amazon is the only company on earth that can send people in to space but can’t get enough servers together to run their own MMO. LOL!!!

We should all be grateful Amazon didn’t create the Windows OS.

New World Servers Are Being Adjusted With Amazon Offering One Free Server Change

Wow! So not only do you have to buy the game but you have to pay to play on a Amazon server?

Early morning September 29, 2021 Amazon’s New World MMO had around 349,064 concurrent users.

Why can’t Amazon handle that? Bethesda doesn’t have this problem. Amazon certainly owns more servers than Bethesda. Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online handled more than 366k players today, September 29, 2021, without breaking a sweat.

Edit: 10-2-2021

STEAM reviews of Amazon’s New World are rising. It seems Amazon may be bringing more servers online for their game. Their trailer had over one million views before launch. One wonders why Amazon, a company that is said to wield the most servers in the world, didn’t prepare to support at least that many players before launching their game? Perhaps capping their servers for their game at 2,000 players each played a big part as well?

About three years after Elder Scrolls Online was released it had over 8 million copies sold. Why was Amazon not prepared to support at least half a million players when their game launched?