Ladies & Gentleman, I Give You The Youngest Generation

Only the fools and brain dead idiots of society fall for the black lives matter/antifa rhetoric of how bad and evil America is and the system needs to be torn down. They don’t understand what they are talking about.

Watch a millennial who has been brain washed by “liberalism” complain about how unfair life is and rich people should fund her life.

First off billionaires do pay taxes… on taxable income. How many remember or studied Amazon’s rise to financial power? The founder, Jeff Bezos, started selling books online out of his garage. He invested his income in stocks. After he setup the Amazon corporation he put his money in that company. Legally Amazon and Jeff Bezos are two different entities under the law. They are both taxed differently. Amazon, after it was setup, didn’t pay taxes for a long time. Why? Because all of Amazon’s profits were invested in the stock of other companies. This was back in the 1990’s-2000ish era. That’s how Amazon bought other companies. I promise you Mr. Bezos also owns a lot of rental properties/apartment buildings.

I’m just waiting for the dumb idiots who think social media is real life and America is evil to start a campaign to free companies from being slaves to their “evil” owners and give corporate entities human rights. Their arguments are on par with that level of stupidity.

You give gullible uneducated people who grew up sucking on an iphone the internet and this is what happens…

Today the brainwashed portion of the youngest generation think businesses like Amazon are evil, corrupt, and greedy. Amazon builds a lot of infrastructure and has funded other startups. They have helped to provide jobs in this country which pay more than $15 an hour currently. Maybe you should go apply for one, Keely. Because of that the federal government gives them tax credits. When big companies setup charities and give back to society the government also gives them tax credits.

In addition if a person owns several properties which they rent out that income is not taxed the same as wages from employment. That doesn’t make the person who owns those properties evil or greedy. It makes them smart.

So when black lives matter brainwashed gullibles talk about how things aren’t fair and we need to tax the 1% more they are in fact too stupid to realize raising taxes won’t affect the 1% at all. If will in fact affect the stupid people who want taxes raised. The brain washed generation if given their $15 minimum wage will be paying more of it to the government because of the increased taxes they also wanted. What’s the point of having a $15 minimum wage when your take home pay is equal to working $9 an hour? You want a bigger paycheck? Start your own company or get a real education and get a higher paying job! Seriously! How can people like Keely be going to school and thinking about working a minimum wage job? Why would you go to college or a university and plan on working for minimum wage after graduation?

The youngest generation has become the gullible generation. To all the gullibles out there if you don’t want to be paying taxes on your wages then start your own company. Get a real education in business, math, and how to manage money. Learn the science of business. Once you learn how to manage your money and are making a lot more of it you will learn the American dream isn’t dead. Then when your entitled bratty child complains about how you should buy them a car you will understand how important it is for their progress as a human being for them to get a job so they can buy themselves a car.

Whining and complaining like a two year old about how Mr. Bezos, and other people like him, should fund your life because you’re lazy and too stupid to get a real education makes you lame. How can anyone who throws such a tantrum live with themselves? The only thing a person is entitled to is what they earn with their own work. That’s it!

“Well just like Jonathan Butler, the face of the Missouri protests, turned out to be a fraud, Keely Mullen couldn’t possibly been a more hilarious choice for this particular movement. For starters she is from Chicago and she goes to Northeastern – one of the most expensive schools in the country. So here we have this girl, who could very easily go to the University of Illinois and pay in state tuition, but instead chose to fly 1,000 miles to go to a school that costs $50,000 a year. And she wants the taxpayers to pay for this. Logically.

Well as it turns out, she comes from a LOT of money, but yet she’s still whining about the debt she purposely chose to accrue by going to Northeastern. According to her profile, she graduated from Francis Parker High School in Chicago – a school where annual tuition costs $34,560. Mullen’s father owns a home in a very swanky part of Chicago, which according to BlockShopper, cost her family $1,060,000.

Keely Mullen might seem like a nice girl, but she’s really just a HUGE liar and a fraud. Watch the Cavuto interview again and fast forward to the 5:00 mark:”

Leader Of Free College Movement Keely Mullen Has Millionaire Father, Goes To Northeastern, And Lied On Neil Cavuto – Turtleboy (