Moving Forward On Game Development

Creating Custom Star Systems For Use In Game 

There are two ways you can create Star Systems for the game CWDI GAMES is developing. You can use the Cartographer app that will come with the game OR you can import the data from a text file saved in .html format. 

Why use a text file saved in .html format? 

Generating in game star systems directly from web pages means it’s easy for players to share their custom star systems, and entire galaxies, with other players. It makes it easy for a player, or team of players, working on a mod to create the universe they want that matches the lore/canon of a particular sci-fi mod.

The Cartographer app that comes with the game exports any star system you build as a .html file. The Cartographer app is nice to have but not necessary to use as you can create web pages with the appropriate data yourself and the game will turn those files into star systems in the game. 

If you use the Cartographer app to create custom star systems the resulting web page is created a specific way that makes importing the data into the game easy. If you create the web page yourself you must follow simple rules regarding layout, syntax, and spacing for the game to recognize the data and create the star system. The rules and further instructions will be available to those who purchase the game on STEAM after it’s released 🙂

Players will also be able to load web pages into the Cartographer app,visually edit them, and then save it as a .html file that will have the changes made.

Below is text from an example text file saved in .html format and what it looks like when loaded in the Cartographer.

<!doctype html> <html lang=”en“> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8”> <title>MyAwesome</title> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> </head> 


<h1>MyAwesome Star System</h1> 

<h2>Star Type: 3</h2><br>Position: 4,14<br><br> 

<h2>Planet ThorsFire</h2>Type: 1<br>Size: 2<br><img src=”ThorsFire.png“><br>Position: -6,16<br><br> 

<h2>Star Type: 2</h2><br>Position: -42,25<br><br> 

<h2>Planet SuperEarth</h2>Type: 2<br>Size: 4<br><img src=”SuperEarth.png“><br>Position: -10,-4<br><br> 

<h2>Planet PlutosBrother</h2>Type: 3<br>Size: 4<br><img src=”PlutosBrother.png“><br>Position: 27,-43<br><br> 



Here is what the web page looks like…

The png images in the web page are used as the base planet texture. As you can see the web page for the star system itself is rather bland. It’s nothing fancy and it’s meant to allow anyone, even those who have zero web developing experience, to easily understand what’s going on and create their own star systems for use in game.