Nazi Brownshirts (antifa) Kill US Citizens With Assault Weapons March 2021

Antifa is committing acts of terror which include murdering US citizens on US soil with assault rifles. Yet the so called Democratic political party, which is really the Chinese Communist political party, isn’t doing anything about it. Antifa claims to be against fascism which is interesting as they act just like Adolf Hitler’s Brownshirts.

The following was reported by the StarTribune, located in Minneapolis, on March 15, 2021;

As neighbors of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, also known as George Floyd Square or the autonomous zone, we are witnessing a revolution by day and a devolution by night.

Prayer gatherings canceled. Rallies canceled. Visitors arriving with flowers in hand, only to retreat to their cars when greeted by the sound of gunshots. Neighbors ducking for cover behind our houses, children in tow.

The spiritual health of our community, the feeling of being connected to something larger than ourselves, is collapsing.

Here’s an account of some of the events of the past 10 days, on one block adjacent to George Floyd Square, where police are met by hostile groups when responding to our repeated 911 calls:

March 6, 5:45 p.m.: A 30-year-old volunteer is killed in the zone by gunshot. People in the zone are seen picking up shell casings and throwing them into city garbage, loading the gunshot victim into a car to drive him to hospital...

9:50 p.m.: Thirty shots ring out. A person complains to a neighbor that the neighbor has parked too close to the person’s car. A zone occupant, with no connection to the other parties, fires multiple shots into the neighbor’s car and house. The neighbor, a military veteran, is in the driver’s seat and recognizes an assault rifle with a 30-round clip. The shooter walks back into the zone. Four police squads caravan through and meet the neighbor nearby.

10:16 p.m.: A second 911 call provides a description of the shooter, who remains in the area appearing to wait for some target. Police have just received a call about a teen and adult shot two miles away. Resources exhausted, the police do not respond to our call. The shooter in the zone walks away...“(

Turns out de-funding the police in Minneapolis wasn’t a good idea… who knew! Everyone with a working brain knew more crime and tragedy would be the result.

Now that the illegitimate Chinese puppet, Biden, is in power get used to being shot at and fleeing with your children through the streets of American cities while Biden and his communist pals in Congress take away your right to bear arms so you can’t defend yourself and your family. If they succeed in destroying the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution criminals/gangs and the Brownshirts will still have their assault rifles. They don’t obey the law so why would any gun laws effect them?

Seriously! What more do the so called “Democrats” in Congress and the White House need to take from you before you stand up to them? They will keep taking freedoms until there is nothing left to take.

The time to act is now! For everyone that has read about American victories in World War Two, or had grand parents/great grand parents who fought on the Normandy beaches on D-day or the sands of Iwo Jima, or who have played Call of Duty and wondered what they would do in such a situation your time is here, now. What will you do? Will you cower and try to ignore what’s happening while you watch your streaming service from your prison cell that used to be your home? Will you take action and demand the politicians stop what they are doing and demand they protect the human rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution? We have all lost so much. Our lawful elections, our jobs, our peace of mind, freedom of speech is under attack by the very people in government who are supposed to preserve it. And now US citizens are loosing their lives or being gravely inured by the Brownshirts of the so called “Democratic” political party.

I could not be more disgusted with this nation’s once proud and honorable military. the US marines are now yellow cowards that bend the knee to oppressors and forsake their oath to protect this nation and its citizen’s from enemies foreign and domestic. US Marines, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy: You are all cowards unfit to wear the flag of the brave and the free on your uniforms. Your inaction to protect US, the American people, during this time of danger when real fascist troops are in open rebellion against the United States Constitution and killing citizens you swore an oath to protect speaks louder than anything you can ever say. You all did nothing as lawless mobs burned cities and killed innocent people. Every branch of this nation’s military is without honor.

To all those who may think the challenge against our freedom, our families, our lives, our religious beliefs, and our very way of life is too much to prevail against I offer the following:

Always remember the foundation of the United States of America.