Proud To Be An American

The indie developer of CWDI GAMES is proud to be an American! Someone who is industrious and inventive. We’ve all seen the real Nazis in America; BLM and antifa terrorists. They burn, loot, and murder while lying about America being racist and evil. The video above shows Christians exercising their right to demonstrate publicly and then cuts to the Nazi/Gestapo thugs of antifa who hate freedom of speech and outright lie about how freedom of speech is dangerous to civilization. After the United States of America was setup technology took great leaps because America is a place where new ideas and beliefs can be spoken aloud freely.

If America is evil and racist why does it have an illegal immigration problem where people who are not white from Mexico come here to live with their children permanently? Germany under Hitler didn’t have an illegal immigration problem and neither did the communist Soviet Union. People died trying to escape those regimes.

BLM and antifa are the real Nazis and racists of the 21st century. BLM is full of African Americans who are Nazis. Never thought I’d see the day when the ranks of the Nazis would be filled with African Americans but that day is here.

I’m proud to be an American.