Diodes Demo


Diodes is a example demo of a pong/space invaders hybrid.

The earth is being attacked by sentient machines, Diodes. Grab your paddle and defend against the aliens breakout style!

W,S,A,D keys move the paddle. Bounce the ball off the Diodes to damage/destroy them while avoiding contact with the Diodes. Diodes that deploy in groups have a leader. Destroying the leader will cause the other Diodes in the group to self destruct.

By downloading the Diodes demo you agree to the following end user license agreement:

Diodes End User License Agreement 

Diodes is a demo/example game created using the Unity game engine. The game idea, design, and code were created by CWDI GAMES. CWDI GAMES reserves all rights to content created by CWDI GAMES. The background image artwork and in game music was obtained from public domain sources and/or community common sources and appropriate credit has been given to the authors. 

By downloading this Diodes example/demo software you agree to not reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise alter the software in any way, including but not limited to, files, images, audio, and code. You also agree to not upload the Diodes demo, in part or in full, on your own website or any other website or server. You also agree to not attempt to claim it as your own work. 

Use this software at your own risk. By downloading and/or using this software you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement. You also agree to hold CWDI GAMES and the programmer who coded this software blameless should any damage occur to your person and/or property. 


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