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Easy Mod

An asset I created for the Unity game engine which makes it easy for the developer(s) of a game to allow players to easily mod the game data. This requires the developer(s) to decide which variables in game they want the players to modify and include those variables in an array which the EasyMod code will handle. The first data cell extracted from the text file/spreadsheet corresponds to the first variable in the array EasyMod handles; the second variable in the array is mapped to the second cell from the spreadsheet and so on. Even though I didn’t go over it in the video a min and max value can be set using a custom function for each variable placed in the array Easy Mod is allowed to modify. If the user enters in a value outside of the min/max range set for that variable Easy Mod will use either the min or max (depending on the value the user entered) instead of the user entered value.

The version of EasyMod in this video only accepts numbers (integers or floats). I included an upgraded version of this tool in Space Time Shipyard (the space sim I’m working on) which also accepts strings and is more advanced. I created a tool for Space Time Shipyard called the “Cartographer” which I’m using to create solar systems for the game and which players will also use to create solar systems for creating their own galaxy maps. You can see a video of the Cartographer in action here:

Universal Level Editor

A tool I created to create 2d and 3d levels/scenes in the Unity game engine from a png image.

Mech Designer

The Mech Designer is an app I made with the Unity game engine that aids in designing a mech for use with the BATTLETECH board game. After you go through all the steps the app outputs an html file which provides all the necessary info needed to fill out an official BATTLETECH Mech sheet for use in the board game. The html file easily allows the player to share their design with others. The info in the app allows users to create a mech for the base board game, BATTLETECH A Game of Armored Combat.

I created this project under my gamer avatar, Zamer-G.

The bug mentioned previously has been fixed for the PC version

I’m getting an arcade game pack ready for release on STEAM for Christmas 2022.