Space Time Shipyard

A space sim in early development. So far tools have been created for creating custom solar systems and 3d ship models to be used in game. The space sim itself is in active development.

A screenshot of the Cartographer. The Cartographer is used to create custom star systems. The player can also set planet and star types and how each planet looks and what resources are available to harvest on planets and asteroid fields in the system.

August 2022 development was spent creating a menu, and associated code, allowing players to map keyboard buttons and mouse and joystick axes to ship controls. Clicking on the black square button associated with an action or movement will allow the player to map a key or axis of a device to that ship action or movement in game. It’s not finished and still needs more control options and axis movements added before the in game key and axis mapping is complete. This design will allow the player to quickly and easily change ship controls in game.

No Controls Assigned
After Controls Configured

4X Space Time is a 4x strategy game planned for development after Space Time Shipyard.