The Covid Vaccine Doesn’t Work

Of course a fake vaccine for a fake virus doesn’t work. The joke is on the Democrats.

What’s the point of this story, besides the fact Covid-19 is fake? The point is the Democrats/communists are going to push for another lockdown of America. The whole point of this propaganda story is if you’re vaccinated and don’t show any symptoms of course you can still get sick and die from the boogie man named Covid. Anyone with an ounce of common sense in their brain will wonder why they need a vaccine if they can still get the virus. No vaccine works like that. How many people can get the Measles after being vaccinated? Measles is almost non existent in the United States now because of the Measles vaccine. What about Rabies? That’s preventable through a Rabies vaccine. And Rabies is deadly to humans. If the Rabies and Measles vaccines were as effective as Covid-19 vaccines people would still be dying from those two diseases today. Today deaths from Measles and Rabies in humans are very rare in the United States. What does that tell anyone with common sense? The Covid-19 crisis along with the Covid-19 vaccine are the biggest frauds in human history. And who supports these frauds and wants to shutdown businesses and ruin the American economy? The so called Democrats. The Democratic political party in America is for democracy just like dictator crazy Kim of North Korea is for Democracy.