The Democratic Political Party Wants to Mandate Electric Cars Like They Mandated Health Care

September 1, 2022

Does anyone remember when they had money? You know that thing you use to buy stuff, pay your mortgage/rent, and food? We had a lot more of it before FascistCare/ObamaCare came along. Remember how Obama said every American could have health care coverage for the price of $75 a month?

I live in California currently. Do you know how much my health care coverage costs a month? My premium is over $400 a month! My health care plan premium is almost twice my car payment. My cell phone bill per month is less than $20. Unlimited calls, text, and more than enough GB of data for the month. Getting back to health costs…Before FascistCare I wasn’t paying anything for health care because I didn’t have it. I didn’t need it. I still don’t need it. If I had an accident where my leg or arm was broken I would have gone to the ER and been taken care of and received a bill for a few thousand dollars. $2,000 to $3,000 one time bill is much cheaper than $400+ a month for the rest of my life.

Do you know how much immigrants from Mexico pay for their health care costs in the State of California? Zero! The government uses working American tax dollars to pay for ALL immigrants health care costs. Why?

The Democrats need votes. For the past several decades they’ve encouraged their fan base to abort their kids and to enter into same sex relationships. Meanwhile conservatives have continued to have babies. This is another obvious reason why Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020 election and why the Democrats desperately need illegal immigrants to vote. The Democrats simply don’t have the numbers. They haven’t had the numbers for years.

How does this tie into electric cars?

It’s the same thing regarding a different product. Not everyone needed health care and many still don’t need health care. But the Fascists/Democrats decided everyone needs to pay for health care; except for illegal immigrants. Everyone does need a car though. If you’re an adult and want to have a job in American you need a car.

The reasoning that you save money by not paying for gas if you have an electric car is simply not true. My parents bought an electric car recently. They had to take out a $70k loan for it. When I bought my third car I took out a $16k loan for it. It’s almost paid off. Do you think I’ve paid over $54,000 to gas stations since then? No! All my payments for gas, car registration fees in California, standard maintenance and repairs over the past few years haven’t come close to equaling even $5,000 dollars.

So when 2035 rolls around and high school students have graduated and want to get a job will they be able to? Today it’s not uncommon for recent high school grads to work a part time job while they go to college. Many of them deliver your pizzas and other food using DoorDash or some other delivery service. Many of them drive to another city to work in an Amazon warehouse.

In California the vast majority who have a job commute to another city. I know several who commute to another county in California. How many people who can afford to get a $70k loan for an electric car can pay that off and still fund their life expenses, (house/apartment, food, streaming service, video game console, health care premiums) while working for Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Walmart, in an Amazon Warehouse, giving people a ride using Lyft or Uber?

Do you know what the payment for a $70k loan is for five years? Current car loan rates in 2022 range from 2.4% to 20.99%, depending on your credit score. The monthly payment for a $20k car loan for five years is $347.99 a month at 5% interest. The monthly payment for a $70,000 car loan for five years at 3% interest is $1,283.68 a month! That same loan amount at 5% interest is $1,348.16 per month. That’s about the same as monthly rent for an apartment in California. If you have a house in California it’s not unusual to pay around $4,000 a month as a mortgage payment. And that’s before utilities. Living in the drug slums of California in a run down apartment will cost you about $900 a month; and that’s before utilities.

In California to have your own studio apartment you need to be making over $30 per hour and working at least forty hours a week. If you don’t make almost $5,000 a month and you live by yourself you will be homeless living in your car, or on the street, if you live in California. That’s why in California most people have room mates so the high cost of having a roof over your head is shared. That’s also why homelessness is such a huge problem in California. There are many many people in California who have jobs but because of the high cost of living they have to live in their cars. People post videos about their lives living in their cars in California all the time on YouTube. It’s not hard to find those videos.

My opinion on this matter about getting rid of gas powered cars and requiring everyone to have an electric car, or not be allowed to have one at all, by 2035 is this: This insane law will destroy the lives of most people in California.

This will in effect require everyone to be making two house payments every month. One for the apartment or house they live in and a second one for their electric car which the Democrats/Fascists have mandated you must have just like they mandated you must have health insurance. When this law comes into effect how many young people who have graduated high school will be excited to attend college and take out $120,000-$200,000 in student loans so they can graduate and pay their high health care premiums, their $70k car loan, their monthly housing expenses, and their student loans off? Fortnight subscriptions? Netflix, Disney+, and Adobe graphic design subscriptions? Forget those!

Or you can do what many people in California currently do. You can be homeless and then you get health care for free. You get food for free. You in some cases get a roof over your head for free. You don’t work so you’re not taxed. Why would you want to work in California after 2035? If you work you’re heavily taxed to pay for the massive health care bill and you will most likely have to take out a huge loan for the electric car. And where will you live and what will you eat? Why go to school and get an education that will land you a $200,000 paycheck every year if you will never enjoy the lifestyle making over $200,000 a year should provide?

If you make $30/hour and work forty hours a week you get $57,600 a year. However you have to pay almost 10% of that income to California. And you also have to pay 22% of that income to the federal government. So 32% of your income is taken by taxes. You’re left with 39,168. You rent a small apartment in California and pay $14,400 yearly to have a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in. That doesn’t count utilities which can be over $500 a month for water and electricity. I’ll be kind and say you pay $400 a month for those utilities. Now you’re left with $19,968. But to keep your job you had to take out a $70k car loan to get an electric car produced by Elon Musk. Why aren’t there monopoly sirens sounding? Let’s be kind again and say you got a good deal and got a $70k car loan at 2% interest for six years. That would be an expense of $12,645.24 per year for the car. And to be fair that would never happen. You would most likely be paying over $15k a year at least for a $70k car loan. But we’ll stay with the $12,645.24 a year cost for the car because the woke are stupid and don’t like common sense; and remember math is racist!

Now you’re left with a little over $7,300. But you still have to buy food. Let’s say your food budget is $250 a month because you like to not eat every day and enjoy going hungry. Now you’re down to about $4,300 left. But you still have student loans to pay off. So you pay the $600 a year, the bare minimum, so when you die someone still has to pay the rest off. But in the meantime you seem to have around $3,700 left. Divide that by twelve months in a year and you get a little over $308 a month for spending however you wish!

Oh!… But we forgot the car insurance AND the monthly health insurance you still have to pay because Obama cares so much about you personally. According to Nerd Wallet the average cost to insure a Tesla is $2115 per year. So you have about $132 left each month to take care of the $200-$500 health care premiums.

Making around $60k a year in 2035 will leave you very much in the hole every month. You’d most likely loose the electric car to repossession which would result in loss of your job which would result in being homeless in California with a horrible credit rating which means no bank or credit union in their right mind would ever help you to get back into an apartment, ever!

However, the time may come when you get a free place to stay for being homeless in California…

Let’s make hotels house the homeless because what says California more than having tourists who came to visit Disneyland have a homeless meth addict living in the unit next to them.

OR the insane and very evil Fascists (I mean Democrats) could be voted out of office ( or forcefully taken and thrown out of a helicopter over waters off the coast of California which are the great white shark breeding grounds) which would shortly thereafter result in no mandate for an electric car to have a job and would also result in you having at least $500 free spending money every month; and a much better standard of living.