The So-Called “Democrats” Are The Fascists

September 5, 2022

Ranting speeches trying to rile up their supporters against the rest of the country. Their minion news services, MSNBC, claiming a civil war has already started, and the New York Governor demanding the forced relocation of everyone that doesn’t agree with her political views.

Biden’s speech on Republicans being “semi-fascist” is similar to the many tyrannical rants Adolf Hitler gave. The “democrats” also put a lot of work into theater. The backdrop behind Biden is very similar to the Nazi party’s theatrics in the 1930’s-40’s when Hitler gave his hate filled speeches. The Nazi storm troopers of the 21st century are Biden’s woke marines.

According to Biden everyone that doesn’t agree with the so-called “democrats” politics are fascists.

The so-called “democrats” actively support the Nazi like terrorist organizations of blm and antifa which fire bomb churches and small businesses, attack people who disagree with them politically, and kill human beings just like Adolf Hitler’s gestapo did.

Madam Hitler

Before the Nazi party called for the extermination of the Jews in Hitler’s Germany they first tried to force them out of German society.

The goal of the “democratic” political party’s hate speech against conservatives is to demonize us and create a climate of hostility and encourage acts of violence against all conservatives in the United States of America. The so-called “democrats”, I mean Nazis, have legally and publicly opened themselves up to massive lawsuits for creating hostile political environments, hostile living environments, and hostile working environments in the United States of America.

The so called “democratic” political party in America is in fact the Nazi party.

Joe Biden Emulating Adolf Hitler