The Truth About Joe Biden and BLM

Joe Biden is communist China’s illegitimate puppet. Read the forensic report on 2020 election fraud for yourselves. It’s obvious to any reasonable person Donald Trump is the winner of the 2020 election.

Joe Biden and his family are as trashy as they come. His son is a pervert who’s dangerous to children. Did Hunter learn this from his dad? Joe Biden is guilty of what the so called “Democratic” party has accused President Trump of the last four years. Joe Hitler and Emperor Palpatine have much in common.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are both terrorist organizations on par with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Gestapo and storm troopers. BLM cares about African Americans so much they burn, loot, and murder them, as does antifa.

BLM Burns Down Mostly Black Neighborhood in Kenosha, Including Businesses and People’s Homes

Atlanta clothing store owner says he ‘lost everything’ after business was looted and destroyed

BLM showed up and destroyed their business

Antifa is at the top of this list of groups that commit violent hate crimes.

BLM and antifa terror groups together turned Minneapolis into a modern war zone where children are not safe,