Windows 11 Is Windows 10 With Apple’s GUI

Windows 11… the thing nobody asked for. Just like Windows Vista/7/8/10. What happened to Windows 9? You can read this article: Why is it called Windows 10 and not Windows 9? – ExtremeTech. Moving on!

Windows 10… I mean Windows 11 features with my thoughts:

The icons look nicer – who cares

You can snap windows together and choose a configuration so your Windows screen looks like MSNBC’s web site. – Sounds great if you don’t want to stay on task and fill your screen with distractions.

It looks more like the Apple OS – is Microsoft trying to tell us they have no confidence in their product and we should all buy Apple products?

It runs Android apps – Not really though. If I understand correctly it only runs Android apps that also run on Amazon’s version of the Android OS called Amazon Fire OS. And you may need an Intel chip in your PC to do it. More information is needed on this feature.

For games Microsoft is going to have Windows 11 do auto HDR – because Microsoft is so good at making old games run on newer versions of Windows they decided to provide a way to allow older games, whose developers never implemented HDR, to now support HDR.

In summary Microsoft is a company that hate’s itself and wants to look like Apple. Why? Because all the Apple commercials over the years have had the most effect on the brainless board of directors at Microsoft. For some reason they think if they don’t make their OS look like Apple’s OS all the PC users are gong to rush to buy Apple products. Apple products are super expensive and have the exact same tech in them as Microsoft products. Apple software is more expensive than PC software. A PC user can buy a gaming computer, a goPro camera, make a down payment on a new car, and still have enough money left over to eat at a fancy restaurant OR instead of doing all that a PC user could buy a single iPhone.

Microsoft use to be sort of respectable. Then they saw how Apple came out with a new OS every few years and people bought it. They thought, “Hey! Lets do that too so we can make more money. Hooray!”

Windows Vista was so broken it made many businesses buy Apple computers just to continue operations. Ever since Vista every new version of Windows OS has looked more like Apple OS; and ticked off the PC user base. Windows 8 resulted in retailers, like Best Buy, accepting returns of PCs like they were going out of style. Windows 7 bootleggers made a fortune. Windows 10 was just an excuse for more money from PC users. Windows 12 will probably ship with the latest Apple OS installed and ready to go. Instead of being called Windows 12 it will be called Windows A.